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  Sun, Sep 14, 2014
Sweden General Election 2014: Live Results
Sweden's Election Authority will be broadcasting over the Internet live results of today's general election.

The presentation is available only in Swedish. English-language party names are as follows:

Moderata Samlingspartiet (M) - Moderate Party (conservative)
Centerpartiet (C) - Center Party
Folkpartiet liberalerna (FP) - People's Party Liberals
Kristdemokraterna (KD) - Christian Democrats
Arbetarepartiet-Socialdemokraterna (S) - Social Democratic Party
Vänsterpartiet (V) - Left Party (ex-communist)
Miljöpartiet de gröna (MP) - Green Party
Sverigedemokraterna (SD) - Sweden Democrats
Feministiskt initiativ (FI) - Feminist Initiative
Övriga partier (ÖVR) - Other parties

Parliamentary election results appear under the "Riksdag" tab, while county council results are under "Landsting", and municipal council results under "Kommun".


Complete, preliminary national- and constituency-level results of Sweden's 2014 general election are now available in Elections to the Swedish Riksdag.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 09/14/2014 23:57 | permanent link

State Elections in Brandenburg and Thuringia

The German states of Brandenburg and Thuringia also held elections today, and results are now available in their respective official websites, listed on this site's links directory.

Both elections were notable for the success of the anti-euro (but not anti-EU) Alternative for Germany (AfD), which polled strongly and secured legislative representantion in both state parliaments. However, for the liberal Free Democratic Party (F.D.P.) today's polls were yet another round of unmitigated disaster, as the party fell well below the five percent threshold and lost all its seats in both states. In fact, since losing all its Bundestag seats in last year's general election, F.D.P. has finished below five percent in every legislative contest held in Germany this year, including last May's European Parliament election (in which the liberal party nonetheless managed to elect three MEPs as no threshold was in place for that vote), and the state election in Saxony last month. That said, the results for these two parties should not be entirely surprising, given that last year AfD had its best results in the states of the former East Germany, while conversely F.D.P. fared poorly there. Meanwhile, today's results for the other parties were not significantly out of the ordinary, with the exception of the distinctly poor showing of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Thuringia - where it had its worst election result ever and finished a distant third, barely ahead of AfD - and the sharp drop of the Left Party in Brandenburg, where the post-communist party polled its lowest share of the vote in two decades.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 09/14/2014 19:52 | permanent link