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  Sat, Jan 20, 2007
2007 Parliamentary Elections in Serbia
The Republic of Serbia holds parliamentary elections on Sunday, January 21, 2007, in which voters will choose members of the country's unicameral legislature, the National Assembly.

Political parties, coalitions of parties and other political organizations, and citizens' groups submit closed electoral lists of candidates for elections to the 250-seat National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, which is chosen by universal suffrage for a four-year period of office. Seats in the National Assembly are distributed on a nationwide basis by the d'Hondt or largest average method of proportional representation, among lists that receive at least five percent of the vote. This requirement is waived for lists representing ethnic minorities, which need to poll just 0.4% of the vote in order to secure parliamentary representation.

A total of 6,652,105 electors will choose among twenty electoral lists fielding 3,799 candidates between themselves. Six electoral lists belong to parties representing ethnic minorities, most notably among them the Coalition of Albanians from the Presevo Valley - the first ethnic Albanian group to contest an election in Serbia in ten years.

Voting stations open at 6:00 AM GMT (1:00 AM EST) on January 21 and close at 7:00 PM GMT (2:00 PM EST) that same day. Election results are expected to be published online starting at 9:00 PM GMT (4:00 PM EST).


A posting covering both preliminary and definitive election results is available at Global Economy Matters, under Weimar Serbia? Ultranationalists top parliamentary poll once more.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 01/20/2007 21:12 | permanent link